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Who are we ?

Intermarché is a chain of supermarkets noted for their convenient locations. There are at present 2000 stores, 1800 of them in France. Intermarché proposes attractive prices, with emphasis on the freshness and quality of their products, and all of this in a store of a "people-friendly" size (usually between 2000 and 2500 square metres), found nearby !

A little bit of background

Intermarché is, above all, the story of a group of independant grocery store owners joining together under the same brand, sharing their values and commitment to a quality shopping experience. The first Intermarché was created in 1969, under the brand name "EX", which was quickly re-baptised "Intermarché". The store owners then became the famous " shopping musketeers ", a symbol of a new dynamic approach and collective spirit of retail management, but their enduring aim has always been to fight rising living costs for their customers. The foundation of the musketeers philosophy is simple : store owners remain independent but are collectively responsible for the management of the Group " Intermarché", and its' solid reputation. The store owners each dedicate two days per week to the head office to oversee the general running of each department, and to decide together the future projects and policies of the group. Today, the brand is found not only in France, but also in Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Bosnia and Romania ! It is very easily recognised, as all of the stores have a red and black musketeer emblem.

Our values

- low prices : to battle daily the rising living costs of our customers, offering a large choice of products at the most reasonable of prices.

- shopper friendly stores : store sizes adapted to our customers' needs (for example, a supermarket with less than 2500 m²), making it easier to access the products quickly and directly, avoiding unnecessary time wasted in exploring the aisles or walking too far !

- proximity : Intermarché, and the other stores under the Musketeer brand represent the most widespread retail group in France ; you will find us in, on average, every 17 kms ! We have, in fact, provided very easy access to everyday products, whilst keeping an excellent, dependable, relationship between us and our customers .

Our online service

How do you find your Intermarché on the website ? To find your nearest store couldn't be simpler : either select your store using its post code, or click on the map found below, choose the area you wish, then the store ! This way , you can go directly onto the website of the store, or consult directions on how to find it. On your store's website you will find lots of practical information ; the store's address and telephone number, opening hours, up to date promotional offers in-store, as well as all of the services* offered by your store. * See all our services below

What other services will I find on my Intermarché website ? You can register in order to receive a personnalised access zone and benefit from all of the following services :

- find out the weather forcast for your town or region (updated several times a day to keep you up to date !),
- get advance knowledge of upcoming offers and promotions in store,
- receive our newsletter by email. Registering is FREE and very simple ; select the store closest to you and complete the form, protecting it with a password. You will then receive an email confirming your inscription !

With this, we will also put at your disposition :
- all of the current special offer and promotions at Intermarché, either by accessing directly the home page, or on the special website, www.promosintermarche.com.
- a multitude of recipes and ideas, a selection of books, guides and information sheets to give you more consumer choice and buying power ! (see link « Infos conso »)
- information on our in-store advantage card, and all of its benefits (see link « Fidélité »)
- group-wide information, notably our projects, other stores in our Musketeers brand and our communication campaigns, designed to help you get to know us even better !

To do your shopping online, don't hesitate to contact us at www.expressmarche.com : your cyberspace shopping experience awaits you ! Of course, you can also use this site to contact us with any questions or suggestions as to how we can facilitate your Intermarché shopping !

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